Beaches in Cabanas

Your guide to the best beaches along the coast of Cabanas. Our Top beaches within the resort, Blue Flag, accessibility, LGBT & nudist friendly. Uncover beaches in Cabanas with

Cabanas beaches – Algarve – Portugal

Cabanas beaches are beautiful island beaches which can be accessed by boat or ‘aquataxis’. The boats are cheap and lots of them run regularly throughout the day from Cabanas waterfront. The unspoilt island beach in Cabanas is called ‘Praia de Cabanas’ and the next nearest beach is ‘Ilha de Tavira’, which is about 14km long and stretches nearly all the way to Fuzeta!



Praia de Cabanas – Cabanas-Mar

Praia de Cabanas  Praia de Cabanas

The unspoilt island beach in Cabanas, Praia de Cabanas (or Cabanas-Mar or Ilha de Cabanas.) is 7 kilometres long boasting beautiful white sand and perfect tranquility for sunbathers. Boats to the island run throughout the day from April to October, with tickets costing as little as 60 cents per trip.

Praia de Cabanas has its own café-bar, showers and toilet facilities, sunshades to rent and water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and jet-skiing and is supervised during the ‘beach season’.

Praia de Cabanas: Boats to the beach  Praia de Cabanas: Boats to the beach



Ilha de Tavira-Mar

Ilha de Tavira-MarThe beach in Tavira is a ‘sandspit’ beach, separated from the mainland by the sea and has to be reached by a ferry boat or water taxi.

It is certainly worth doing as the Ilha is beautiful- it feels like being on your own tropical island! You can either hire a water taxi from Cabanas to go direct to the ilha or go to Tavira and follow the signs for Ilha de Tavira. You will arrive at Quatro Águas where you can leave your car in one of the car parks and head for the jetty where a ferry will either be waiting or you can see it on its way back from the Ilha- you won’t have long to wait!

The ferries run constantly and in summer time carry on until midnight or so (although water taxis are available when the ferries aren’t running). A ferry ticket to the Ilha is less than 2€ – don’t throw your ticket away- it’s a return! (‘Ida e volta’).

Ilha de Tavira-MarIlha de Tavira is about 14km long and stretches nearly all the way to Fuzeta. On the ilha there are a variety of restaurants, beach bars, a campsite, ‘multibanco’ (cash point) and some houses nestling under the pine trees. All of this is within a very short walk of the landing point – the rest is a glorious stretch of white sand as far as the eye can see and of course, the sea! It really is perfect for a totally relaxing day, and it is easy to see why it is thought of as one of the best beaches on the Algarve.

We did see people taking bicycles across on the ferry, so if you want to explore a little further why not hire a bicycle in Tavira and tour the ilha?

Aquataxis to beaches around Cabanas….

Aquataxis not only run to Tavira’s Ilha, but to Tavira itself, Santa Luzia, Cabanas and they provide guided tours for up to 6 people.

The ‘organised’ beach where the restaurants and beach bars are is on the seaward side at the eastern end of the ilha – just across from where the ferry docks. This area is supervised and there are also various water sports available.

There is access to the middle of the ilha from Pedras D’el Rei, either by foot or on the tourist train that crosses the Ria Formosa to Praia do Barril. The beach here is classed as an ‘Accessible Beach’ and is supervised as well as having places to eat and drink.

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