Beaches in Ferragudo

Your guide to the best beaches along the coast of Ferragudo. Our Top beaches within the resort, Blue Flag, accessibility, LGBT & nudist friendly. Uncover beaches in Ferragudo with

Beaches in Ferragudo – Algarve – Portugal

The beaches in Ferragudo in west Algarve, Portugal, are all very different but equally as beautiful with their fine golden sands and stunning views. Grande Beach (‘Praia Grande’) and Angrinha Beach (‘Praia da Angrinha’) are overlooked by the fort of São João de Arade and are both perfect for windsurfing. Molhe Beach – ‘Praia do Molhe’ boasts lovely views of Praia da Rocha and Portimão marina. Pintadinho Beach – ‘Praia do Pintadinho’ is a sheltered sandy cove beach with a lighthouse and Caneiros Beach – ‘Praia dos Caneiros’ has stunning rock formations and a really popular restaurant!

Here you find lots of information about Ferragudo beaches, including practical information about parking, accessibility, supervision and facilities!

As a quick a reminder for you about beach flag safety before you visit the beaches in Ferragudo: Green flag = swimming permitted; Yellow flag = swimming forbidden; Red flag = swimmingand entering the water forbidden; Blue and white chequered flag = beach temporarily unattended.



Grande Beach (‘Praia Grande’) and Angrinha Beach (‘Praia da Angrinha’)

Grande Beach - 'Praia Grande' and the fort of São João de AradeThe fort of São João de Arade marks the division of these two Ferragudo beaches with the long, sandy bay of Grande Beach -‘Praia Grande‘ – to the south and Angrinha Beach – ‘Praia da Angrinha‘ to the north (nearest to Ferragudo town). They are lovely, sandy beaches located within Portimão’s harbour walls where the river Arade joins the Atlantic Ocean.

The water is perfect for windsurfing because of the Molhe – the seawall that protects the waters from the Atlantic waves, and with Portimão on the opposite bank is a very popular stretch of water for water sports events during the year.

Praia Grande (or ‘Large Beach’ as it translates) is, as the name suggests, the larger of the two beaches and the one with beach cafes and facilities for visitors. It also tends to be the busiest but Angrinha Beach is just a short stroll across the sand so there is always plenty of room.

The fort of São João de Arade sits on the cliff top overlooking the beach and is really quite an amazing sight. (The fort was turned into a private residence at the beginning of the 20th century)

  • Parking: There is plenty of car parking – a smaller area at Praia Grande, but quite a large area at Praia da Angrinha.
  • Beach Accessibility: Both Grande beach and Angrinha beach are easily accessible because they are level with the road.
  • Beach Supervision: Praia Grande is supervised during the ‘beach season’ (normally April to the end of September).


Molhe Beach – ‘Praia do Molhe’

Molhe Beach - 'Praia do Molhe' in FerragudoMolhe Beach (or ‘Praia do Molhe‘) is a small beach just along from Praia Grande, just where the harbour wall joins the coastline. It is accessed down quite a long flight of steep steps from a car parking area at the top. There is a popular fresh fish restaurant (“O Molhe”) on the beach which probably makes it worth the effort! From the top of the steps there are some lovely views across to Praia da Rocha and Portimão marina, a view enjoyed by the rather nice villas on the cliff top! Driving out of the parking area, take the very first turning on the right to take you down to Pintadinho beach.

  • Beach Accessibility: Molhe beach is not suitable for disabled access
  • Beach Supervision: Praia do Molhe is not supervised during the ‘beach season’.


Pintadinho Beach – ‘Praia do Pintadinho’

Pintadinho Beach - 'Praia do Pintadinho' in FerragudoLocated approximately 2km past Praia Grande is Pintadinho Beach – ‘Praia do Pintadinho’, a lovely sheltered sandy cove beach. Here the waters can be slightly cleaner because it is outside the harbour walls of Portimão, so there’s no excuse not to take a dip in the sea!

While you are visiting Praia do Pintadinho, do make sure you go up to the top of the cliffs.

If you look over to your left, you will see a lighthouse on Ponta do Altar and then over to your right you will be able to see all the way over to Ponta da Piedade in Lagos; actually on a really clear day you may be able to see all the way to Sagres!

Praia do Pintadinho is relatively small so the only facility on offer is a small restaurant. There you will be able to get a coffee, ice cream, a snack or something more substantial, or you may want to take lunch with you in a cool box. You can also hire sunbeds.

  • Parking: There is a large car parking area just behind Pintadinho beach, and some spaces on the road just above the beach.
  • Beach Accessibility: Access to Pintadinho beach is easy because the car park and beach are both at ground level, so no steps involved!
  • Beach Supervision: Praia do Pintadinho is supervised during the ‘beach season’ (normally April to the end of September))


Caneiros Beach – ‘Praia dos Caneiros’

Caneiros Beach - 'Praia dos Caneiros' in FerragudoCaneiros Beach  Praia dos Caneiros – is past Ponta do Altar, if you are travelling away from Ferragudo town and is a soft, sandy cove, backed by golden sandstone cliffs. It isn’t a very large beach, but really is a beautiful, sheltered bay with sunbeds and pedaloes for hire, and a magnificent view!

There is a lovely restaurant at the entrance to Caneiros beach which stays open in the is extremely popular and booking is recommended for dinner reservations. There are toilet facilities behind the restaurant for visitors to the beach and a kiosk for ice-creams and soft drinks by the car park.

  • Parking: There is a small car parking area within a turning circle right behind the beach and when that’s full parking continues along the sides of the road.
  • Beach Accessibility: There are steps down to Caneiros beach beside the restaurant, so it is not suitable for disabled access.
  • Beach Supervision: Praia dos Caneiros is supervised by lifeguards during the ‘beach season’ (normally April to the end of September).

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