Beaches in Praia da Luz

Your guide to the best beaches along the coast of Praia da Luz. Our Top beaches within the resort, Blue Flag, accessibility, LGBT & nudist friendly. Uncover beaches in Praia da Luz with

Praia da Luz Beaches

Many Algarve beaches are now classified as “Accessible Beaches” meaning that not only do they provide ramps, footpaths and walkways directly to the sand but also meet certain criteria for restaurant tables, bar and counter heights, toilets facilities, wheelchairs, walking aids and other equipment capable of being used in the sea as well as on the beach. Praia da Luz beach is one of these “Accessible Beaches”, which means it can be enjoyed by all!



Praia da Luz Beach

Praia da Luz BeachPraia da Luz is a long sheltered bay of fine golden sand with a backdrop of towering cliffs at the easter end, and low-rise white properties behind. Praia da Luz is incredibly popular, especially with its loyal English expatriate community and in summer time tourists and residents fill the beach.

There are plenty of amenities to hand, with shops, bars and restaurants throughout Luz and there are many places to pit stop along the beach front along the delightful palm-lined promenade. There are plenty of water sports to enjoy and you can even rent paddleboats.

There is a car park over to the left of the beach, providing direct access on to the beach within just a few steps. Disabled access is therefore very easy and ideal for anyone with children. If this parking area is full, you will often be able to find a free space along a roadside; however in peak summer time, it may take a little longer to find a space.Palm trees and promenade behind Praia da Luz beach

There is a a lovely promenade along the back of the beach leading to a pretty paved seating area below the church.

The western end of the beach is made up of large, flatish rocks, ideal for children (and Dads!) to spend some time rock pooling.

Praia da Luz is a supervised beach and is also classed as an “Accessible Beach”.



Praia Prainha da Luz

Praia da Luz beaches: Praia PrainhaPraia Prainha da Luz (or ‘Prainha beach’) is a very small bay to the west of the Fortress and Praia da Luz. There is nothing but some fine sand and smooth rocks at the back and to the western end, but it is a private little beach away from the bustle of Praia da Luz. It is only a very short distance from the promenade and all of its amenities so it is still close enough to pop for drinks, lunch, shopping or toilets.

Prainha is not a supervised beach.

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